Dr Shabbir Ahmad

Shabbir Ahmad completed his PhD in Econometrics at the UQ School of Economics in 2014. His areas of research include International development, financial regulation and governance, applied econometrics, environment and sustainability. He is involved in many international projects focused on development sector (such as agriculture, finance and resources sector). Dr Ahmad has won many international grantsand worked in many Asian and African countries, where he proposed novel methods to tackle rural poverty and economic development issue. Currently, he is involved in projects focused on agriculture financing issues and marketing reforms in the agriculture sector in Pakistan and other developing economies, which have been funded by the Australian government. He has devised novel methodologies to measure business growth and innovation, with particular focus on agriculture sector. He is also collaborating with many international organizations to devise effective financial inclusion strategies to improve farming practices through enterprise development. His other PhD degree in economics focused on financial modelling and assessment of firm or industry performance and productivity.


Research Fellow


  • Economics