Community Advisory Committee

In 2023 the Life Course Centre established a national Centre-wide Council to provide strategic level advice on community perspectives regarding research activities across the Centre.

Community Advisory Council tasks include:

  • Advice on community issues and advocacy where appropriate
  • Development of minimum standards for community involvement
  • Input into grant applications including existing and newly funded Centre and affiliated projects
  • Links to community networks, including fostering relationships between the Centre and peak community and/or advocacy groups who have an interest in the Centre’s research
  • Input into Centre priorities for future research

The Council consists of community members and Life Course Centre members (research and professional staff). The inclusion of Life Course Centre members facilitates Council members to work collaboratively to achieve the aims of the Program. Meetings are held virtually each quarter.

Interested in being part of the Life Course Centre Community Advisory Committee?

Who can join?

Members from all States and Territories with experience in community, advocacy, or charity organisations, and whose lived experience or interests align with Centre research with spans a range of topics such as:

  • disability
  • early childhood development
  • education
  • family violence and separation
  • First Nations
  • health
  • homelessness
  • housing
  • migrant communities
  • parenting
  • wellbeing
If this is something you are interested in but are unsure if you have the necessary experience please contact: