Research Collaboration

Life Course Research Affiliate Scheme

The Life Course Research Affiliate Scheme is building a rich and dynamic network of researchers, policymakers and knowledge professionals with a commitment to addressing the problem of deep and persistent disadvantage in Australia, and internationally.

The Affiliate Scheme is:

  • building an intellectual network to achieve critical mass around the Life Course Centre’s research and delivery objectives
  • facilitating collaboration and engagement between researchers, government, NGOs, and other stakeholders around research and delivery to solve deep and persistent disadvantage
  • progressing the aims of the Life Course Centre, that is, identifying critical factors leading to deep and persistent disadvantage and developing life-changing policy and service delivery solutions.

Affiliate Benefits

  • Links to other researchers, policymakers and practitioners through the Affiliate network and discussion series and, through these, enhanced links to influence research, policy and practice in areas relevant to the Life Course Centre.
  • Opportunities to participate in Life Course Centre seminars and meet with visiting scholars.
  • Opportunities to disseminate your research through Life Course Centre Working Paper Series.
  • Prizes for high-quality research and translation outputs.
  • Discounts to the Life Course Centre’s annual conference and workshops.
  • Opportunities to participate in end-user workshops, annual conferences, and other initiatives.
  • Opportunities to have research outputs recognised in Life Course Centre publications, such as the website, newsletter, and annual reports.


Appointment of an Affiliate is not an honorary title, but recipients may wish to include their affiliation in email signatures, publications and business cards. An appropriate form of affiliation is:

  • [Title, First name, Surname], Life Course Centre Research Affiliate

Selection and application process

The appointment of Life Course Research Affiliates are based on nominations from Life Course Centre Chief Investigators, Partner Investigators, Associate Investigators, Advisory Committee members, and existing  Affiliates. Applications should include a CV and a completed Application Form. The application form can be found here. Please complete and email to Successful applicants will receive notification within six weeks of receipt of the application.

Nominations will be approved by the Life Course Centre Executive Committee based on an assessment of the nominee’s potential to further the aims of the Affiliate Scheme, and not on the basis of academic merit alone.

Affiliate term

Affiliate terms are initially for three years and may be renewed by the Executive Committee based on the member’s activity in the previous three years in contributing to the aims of the Life Course Research Affiliate Scheme.

Affiliate rules

Participants in the Life Course Research Affiliate Scheme are expected to be active participants in debate and discourse on issues relating to deep and persistent disadvantage and be committed to producing knowledge and practical solutions to address this issue in Australian and international contexts. This may involve:

  • contributing to the Life Course Centre Working Paper Series
  • contributing to the understanding of social disadvantage among research, policy and knowledge stakeholders by producing other outputs such as academic publications, policy briefs, policy proposals, preliminary research proposals (including RHD topics, research training and curriculum development proposals), research methods, research translation activities, and analytical tools
  • developing new projects and initiatives that build capacity in areas linked to the Life Course Centre.