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Life Course Centre Seminar Series

Raising Futures: Narrowing the Skill Gap between Advantaged and Disadvantaged Children.
Ariel Kalil, University of Chicago

26 February 2024

By how much is ‘women’s work’ undervalued in the economy?
Dr Leonora Risse

28 November 2023

Agent Based Modelling for Understanding Social Systems
Dr Rajith Vidanaarachchi

7 September 2023

Other recent videos

Opportunities Research Program Symposium. Moderated by Wojtek Tomaszewski

30 November 2021

Geographies of the Life Course Workshop 2021 – Day 2

29 April 2021

Geographies of the Life Course Workshop 2021 – Day 1

28 April 2021


Families Under Pressure Podcast Series

Families Under Pressure is a podcast series from the Life Course Centre that examines the pressures facing families and what can be done to better support children and families over their life course. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.


Introducing Families Under Pressure with Professor Matt Sanders

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featuring Professor Mark Western

featuring Professors Janeen Baxter, Stephen Zubrick, Deborah Cobb-Clark and Guyonne Kalb