Long Form Writing for Impact Professional Training Course

Long form writing simply means something with a bit more elbow room than a typical press release. This course aims at transforming work into articles suitable for The Conversation, The Guardian, The Monthly, and The Australian.

The course is a 1-day event to be held in Perth on Wednesday 18 April 2018, followed by a recall session 4-8 weeks later to finalise writing assignments. Depending on timing we may run a ‘virtual’ recall session rather than face to face, but a key part of this process is giving people feedback on their writing.
The course will be facilitated by Jo Chandler

Jo Chandler is a lecturer at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Advancing Journalism, and continues as an Honorary Fellow at Deakin University’s Contemporary Histories Research Group. She is the winner of the 2017 Walkley Award for Freelance Journalism – her second Walkley, Australia’s most prestigious journalism prize. Jo worked for much of her career at The Age newspaper in Melbourne and was a regular contributor to The Sydney Morning Herald and Good Weekend magazine, culminating in roles as a Fairfax senior writer and roving national and international correspondent.

Facilitate development of skills related to writing for impact outside the forum of peer-reviewed literature.
Develop material suitable for The Conversation, The Guardian, The Monthly, The Australian etc. based on existing work.
Facilitate collaborations within the Centre

Date & Time

Wed, 18 April, 2018

9:00 am – 5:00 pm (AEDT)