Journal Article

Wage Growth Distribution and Changes over Time: 2001–2018

Published: 2020


We explore how much wage growth varies among Australian employees and how it has changed over the 2001–2018 period. The results show that, after increasing between 2002 and 2007, wage growth significantly slowed post 2008, and particularly from 2013 onwards, returning to early 2000s levels. Employee age, education, employment contract, occupation and industry explain a large share of differences in wage growth between individuals. Employee occupation is more important post‐2008 than pre‐2008, whereas education is more important pre‐2008. Finally, casual employees receive a wage growth premium during periods of economic upturn and a penalty during downturn.


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Guyonne Kalb

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Jordy Meekes



Kalb, G., & Meekes, J. (online early 2020). Wage Growth Distribution and Changes over Time: 2001–2018. Australian Economic Review.