Centre Achievements

Life Course Centre Director elected to US National Academy of Sciences

1 May 2024

Professor Janeen Baxter has been elected to the US National Academy of Sciences in recognition of her distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.

The Director of the Life Course Centre is one of 120 new members and 24 international members announced on the list, and is the only Australian academic to be elected this year.

“I am delighted and honoured to be recognised by such a prestigious institution and join a group of world-leading scientists,” Professor Baxter said.

“This is a celebration of social science research and I have been fortunate to work with many outstanding academics investigating critical topics such as social disadvantage, family dynamics and gender inequality.”

Comprised of leading scientists from various disciplines, the National Academy of Sciences was founded in 1863 as a result of an Act of Congress approved by President Abraham Lincoln to provide independent and objective advice on matters relating to science and technology.

Scientists are elected by their peers, and it is considered one of the highest honours a scientist can receive.

“This honour comes in the lead up to the 10-year anniversary of the establishment of the Life Course Centre,” Professor Baxter added.

“I see it as tremendous recognition of the transformative work of the Centre and our role in building Australia’s reputation as world-leaders at the forefront of research and evidence to reduce deep and persistent social disadvantage.”

Professor Baxter is one of around 45 Australians who have been elected to the US National Academy of Sciences over the years and is only the second from The University of Queensland. Professor Baxter is already an elected fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and was awarded an ARC Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate Fellowship in 2023.