Professor Stephen Zubrick

The Life Course Centre brings together a rare combination of social scientists to address fundamental questions about human development and its prompts, facilitators and constraints. How do we create opportunities and expectations that allow more members to participate socially, economically and civically and to choose lives that they value? How does this occur across the life course? Can we find, test and implement effective preventions and interventions? These are the big questions that we seek to address.

Stephen Zubrick

Steve Zubrick is a Senior Principal Research Fellow based at the Telethon Kids Institute, and Deputy Director (Research) for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course. Prior to joining the University of Western Australia, he spent 12 years as Head of the Division of Population Science at the Telethon Kids Institute. His qualifications are in the fields of psychology, and speech and hearing science.

Steve had a lengthy career in Western Australia as the state’s Assistant Principal Clinical Psychologist based at the Neurosciences Unit, where he specialised in assessing and managing children with complex developmental disorders.

He now specialises in creating and executing large-scale state and national cross-sectional and longitudinal studies of child and family development. He chairs the Consortium Advisory Group responsible for the ongoing conduct of the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children, and is a member of the Steering Committee of the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children.


Emeritus Chief Investigator


PhD (Psychology), University of Michigan
AM (Psychology), University of Michigan
MSc (Speech Pathology and Audiology), University of Michigan